Transformations is designed for high school mathematics teachers and students to provide interactive teaching and learning tools for the four types of geometric transformations:

- Reflections
- Rotations
- Enlargements
- Translations

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Ruler and Compass Geometry

Ruler and Compass Geometry is for teachers and high school mathematics students whose course includes the study of geometrical constructions using a straight edge, compass and protractor.

This app is perfect for demonstrating or practising geometrical constructions such as perpendicular bisector, angle bisector, or answering a range of problems that involve these.

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Coordinate Pics

Coordinate Pics is designed for school children aged between 7 and 16 to improve their ability to use the Cartesian coordinate system in an enjoyable and motivating way.

Touch the grid at the given coordinates and cartoon style pictures will gradually be drawn.

There are 8 pictures to draw - 4 are drawn in the first quadrant of the coordinate axes, the other 4 use all four quadrants.

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Circle Theorems

The app is designed for high school mathematics students to investigate the properties of angles in circles.

By dragging the points on the interactive diagrams you will explore and gain an understanding of:

- The angle subtended from a diameter.
- Angles subtended from the same arc.
- The angle subtended from an arc at the centre of the circle.
- Angles in cyclic quadrilaterals.
- The alternate segment theorem.

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This app is an interactive learning tool designed for high school mathematics students and teachers.

Use the interactive animations to explore geometric 'proofs' of Pythagoras' theorem - the diagrams can be resized and the animations can be played in stages or together.

Play through the randomly generated examples to show how Pythagoras' theorem is applied to solve problems in right angled triangles.

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