Catch up Maths is the only online Maths tool dedicated to supporting the delivery of year 7 Catch-Up programmes. 


This online system provides you with the ability to reassess your learners using the official 2013 SATS tests. It will generate a simple skills analysis and a personalised programme for every student. It provides a bank of highly focussed self marking practice questions that students can use to develop their weakest areas. The system will enable you to accurately measure the effectiveness of your programme and provide OFSTED and parents with clear evidence of improvement.

Catch up Maths can also be used as the perfect baseline assessment tool for all year 7 students, providing not just a way of confirming KS2 data, but also creating a detailed picture of strengths and weaknesses that Teachers can use formatively in their classrooms. If you have missing entry data on students, our system can help fill in the gaps.

Key Features of this resource:

  • The Perfect Tool to Support Additional Tuition Sessions.
  • A Bank of Over 400 Online Self Marking Questions
  • Organised by Topic and Level to encourage progression through the Key Attainment Areas.
  • Audio Support on all Questions.
  • Mental Arithmetic Practice.
  • Level 6 Extension Area.
  • Online Access Supporting Home Practice.
  • Highly Motivational Instant Feedback for Students.
  • Instant Data Collection and Easy Monitoring for Teachers.
  • Additional Offline Interactive Workbook for Extra Practice (approx 350 questions).